Social housing area for workers

“The apartment building is environmentally friendly with 400 apartments and other supporting items and facilities to ensure stable, comfortable and safe accommodation for workers and officials in the industrial park”.

The project is built on a land area of ​​17,584 square meters, including:

  • Residential area: 6,437 m2, including 3 buildings A, B, C of 16m high with 4 floors, providing 400 apartments with a construction density of only 36.6%
  • Multifunctional service building: 1,150 m2, located in the center of the residential area, construction scale of 2 floors x 1,030m2 / floor.
  • Garage: 415 m2 to meet the needs of residents in the residential area.
  • Sports park area: 2,287 m2, accounting for 13% of the total area.
  • Internal traffic: 4,700 m2, accounting for 26.7% of the total area.
  • Technical infrastructure and green trees: 2,595m2, accounting for 14.7% of the total area.

With a modern, convenient and safe design with synchronous fire fighting and protection system, each apartment has a typical area of ​​57.6 m2 which is suitable for group and family life including living room, bedroom, sub areas and loggias. Up to now, the whole house with 400 apartments has been completely built and put into use. Especially, the housing area is managed and operated by professional management, ensuring 24/7 security, safety and comfort.

Internal facilities include: 9m wide internal road, garage, kindergarten, department store, meeting hall with a capacity of 400 people, training area, clinic, Chinese restaurant, convenience store, badminton course, outdoor play area, landscape garden for walking and sightseeing.

Well located:

  • Located in the industrial park, convenient traffic connection with the industrial park and with the residential area outside.
  • 13 km from Nam Dinh city center
  • 4km from Goi town
  • 20 km from Ninh Binh city center

Completed infrastructure – Package service:

  • Completed 100% of infrastructure;
  • Fully inherited the utilities in the Industrial Park.
  • Land using right certificate, ready to hand over to customers;
  • Power system is taken from the priority power source of the Industrial Park;
  • Use clean water of Bao Minh clean water plant with a capacity of 20,000 m3 day and night, meeting all residents in the area;
  • The system of fire prevention, fighting and rescue is equipped synchronously and modernly;
  • Diversified banking services with many ATMs;
  • Security system with a team of professional security forces 24/7;
  • Modern and synchronous communication system with cable TV, wifi, high-speed internet, desk phone.

Benefits of Customers when renting or buying houses in IZ:

Save time: Live and work in the industrial park with full amenities and safety. Customers will have more time to take care of themselves and family lives.
Cost savings: There are no worries about continuously increasing rent, high water and electricity prices, flooding rain, hot weather… And moreover, residents here will enjoy all the amenities of the industrial park for investors and experts.

Sustainable career development:

  • Participate in life skills training course, linked career development classes regularly held in the Industrial Park.
  • Physical development with free outdoor sports area with many useful equipment, golf course, soccer field, badminton court, swimming pool, walking path, campus, children’s play area.
  • Improving the spiritual life: cultural and social events are regularly held in the Industrial Park such as variety music music, movie screenings, Workers’ Sing contests, Industrial Park sports, union activities.

In the coming time, the Company will continue to deploy housing items such as social housing, commercial housing, villas, townhouses, which will greatly contribute to ensuring stable housing demand especially improving the material and spiritual life of the workers, officials and experts working in the industrial park.


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